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SFP/FBM Order Management



¡¤        Automatic order sync with Amazon 24 x 7

¡¤        Amazon shipping label bulk purchase with no need for customer inputs

¡¤        Support both manual and fully automatic order fulfillment with customer defined rules.

¡¤        In-transit SFP/FBM package delay alert helps reduce operation error incurred shipping delay

¡¤        FBA inbound shipping


3PL & Merchant Inventory Management





¡¤        End-to-end inventory management for 3PL operator


¡¤        Fully automated UPC/EAN based merchandise information management

¡¤        High-efficiency package check-in

¡¤        Streamlined check-out process that supports team collaboration

¡¤        Integrated view of FBM & FBA inventory


¡¤       Customized reporting

Merchant Procurement Management

¡¤        Easily manage your suppliers with fully automated delivery reconciliation

¡¤        Automatic billing and payment tracking


¡¤        Full support for drop shipping





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